why base flooring?

Quality materials with an expert finish, this is our mission and this is what we deliver. From ceramic tiles to hard wood floors, our team of professionals will install the perfect floor for you.

professional flooring service in Phuket

When it comes to hiring a professional flooring service in Phuket to supply or lay your new flooring, the first thing you should make sure about is that they are experienced, have high standards and use quality materials.

The base flooring range has been hand picked for its quality and style, and serves as a testimony to the amount of experience we have gained laying quality flooring over the years that we’ve been here in Phuket, Thailand. A few reasons that make us stand out from our competitors are our core business standards:

Reliability – Your flooring company of choice should be reputable and reliable. The job should only been signed off when the floor is level and the client is happy with the finish. This is the standard we hold ourselves too.

A good understanding – Choosing a flooring company that understands floor design and can walk into a room and immediately suggest a style is an important thing to have. Not all flooring suppliers and installers are accustomed with the critical aspects of architectural designs and various styles. Without that critical eye for design, you may end up re-doing projects and spending more than you needed too. A good floor design and style can transform a room considerably, and we know this.

A Good Work Relationship – A good working relationship is paramount. You need to be able to communicate with both the project manager and installation team. This can sometimes be an issue with clients not being able to speak Thai language. Our management team is fluent in that aspect and will be able to bridge any language gap you have, giving you peace of mind that your instructions have been understood.

Accompanied by Good Management In order for a flooring project to be completed in a timely manner and with no surprises. We’ve built a team that works in the 15 years of flooring experience here in Phuket, Thailand.

Finances – A good flooring installation company should be willing to advise and assist you in all aspects of the job. They should not want you to spend money endlessly for their benefit. Client satisfaction and a job well done are some of our main priorities, we will only advise a floor style or design to the client if we believe it will enhance their surroundings and that it is made from quality materials.

A one-stop service – Seeing newly laid flooring through from the initial planning stage, to execution, and to the finishing stage may seem like a daunting task when it comes to larger houses and villas. Therefore, like a one-stop shop where you can find anything from cat food to dental floss, a good flooring installation company is one that offers a one-stop service, overseeing the installation properly from start to finish.



We can advise you on which flooring to use, whether its wood flooring, tiles or even carpet in rare cases


Our expert team will supply and install your brand new flooring without any snags or problems


We guarantee our workmanship, and communicate with the client and installation team every step of the way


We stand by our work, all of our products and installations are guaranteed for quality

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