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we provide a wide range of quality flooring products for homes and offices including ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, decking, pu and poxy resin and so on.

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pu self leveling commercial flooring

PU self levelling

To prepare any existing surface for P.U or any specific base material we will check overall slope and defects and prepare a Self levelling Lanko cement based product to allow for a perfect, smooth and sub floor.

pu commercial flooring

PU flooring

PU or Polyurethane – A polyurethane floor is a highly flexible and elastic coating used on floor areas of higher traffic and is highly resistant to scratches. From multi story car parks, kitchen departments to factories this base flooring can be found as a popular choice.

coloured epoxy resin floor covering

epoxy / resin flooring

Similar to PU, epoxy coating can be used in high traffic areas that see mid to extreme levels of usage. However it does react to acidic products making it unsuitable for certain areas. However the options within color and sheen allow for a more desirable floor. A Popular choice with showrooms through to sports centers.

light wooden laminate flooring


At base flooring we offer various levels of laminate flooring choices and options. Working alongside suppliers whom are market leaders in product style and innovation we assist our clients in the process of design, budget and installation. Price ranges differ respectively with locally Asian manufactured laminate floors to European standard laminate floors.

slate style ceramic floor tiles

natural stone

The option within using natural stone are vast with choices available from granite, marble and travertine amongst many others. Imported stone or locally produced stone differ in terms of quality and design. Many factors must be taken into account before choosing and budgeting for natural stone including natural elements, traction and budget. We also offer a full range of stone treatment services to bring your old stone surface back to life.

light brown wooden decking

natural timber

A natural / real timber floor, similar to stone, would have options ranging from light pine through to dark red teak. Project design requirements will need to be fully understood looking into areas like durability, moisture and budget and whether or not locally sourced timber or imported timber would suit. We have project reference where at base flooring we have worked on installation of new wooden floors and reclaiming and retreating existing wooden floors.

polished black marble style ceramic tiles

imported ceramic

The most popular choice nowadays based on design options, innovation and size would be using a ceramic option for your flooring. With huge ranges available, both locally manufactured or internationally imported, we have a wealth of options and design partners ready to create your dream floor. Some of our leading suppliers would be Cotto , Kera and Int scene . Though we are not limited to any one option.

3d perspective design that we will prepare for you pre-installation really helps to give you an overview of how your new flooring will look.

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